“For us, it is important to bring high-quality and super reliable results into everyday production of data analytics. With DENKweit we can not only offer the worlds fastest AI for drone data analytics but beat any other models in terms of reliability and costs. It simply is the perfect AI solution that serves our vision at FlyNex to enjoy automated intelligence for sustainable decisions.

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FLYNEXAI Technology Partner

“The DENKweit portal as an online solution is always available. As a result, our engineers have direct access to a powerful training environment, especially during commissioning. We don’t have to worry about our own infrastructure for training AI networks. The portal itself offers an end-to-end functional workflow without being overloaded with expert functions.
In this way, we can also enable our customers to optimize and maintain their testing solutions on their own responsibility.
In addition, the cost structure for using the platform is clear, transparent and flexible.”

NEUROCHECKAI Technology Partner

“The cooperation with DENKweit as an AI technology partner is very valuable for us, as the need for production automation will continue to increase in the future. Especially vision systems in conjunction with AI are becoming increasingly important here.

Due to the performance and ease of use of the platform, not only did new fields of application open up for us, but the sales process for this product, which requires explanation, was also drastically simplified.”

XACTOOLSTechnology Partnership