“DENKweit and our own image processing software NeuroCheck complement each other perfectly. DENKweit offers an intuitive training pipeline that creates powerful AI networks. NeuroCheck provides the platform to apply the DENK networks in production. The user only has to download his trained networks and install them on his inline test system. The DENK networks analyze the camera images and NeuroCheck takes care of the necessary framework, such as image acquisition, PLC communication, result evaluation, presentation and long-term archiving of the data. The archived image data can in turn be used directly to further optimize the AI networks.

We were most impressed by the intuitive handling of the DENKweit portal. After a short introduction to the operation, our project engineers were able to immediately start evaluating various testing tasks. Even after labeling about 20 images and a short training time, the “Autoprediction” function can be used to see whether the trained network leads to a promising solution. For challenging image processing tasks, especially in the field of surface analysis of test parts with fluctuating surface quality, this saves us long program development times for a rule-based solution.

The DENKweit portal as an online solution is always available. As a result, our engineers have direct access to a powerful training environment, especially during commissioning. We don’t have to worry about our own infrastructure for training AI networks. The portal itself offers an end-to-end functional workflow without being overloaded with expert functions.
In this way, we can also enable our customers to optimize and maintain their testing solutions on their own responsibility.
In addition, the cost structure for the use of the platform is clear, transparent and flexible.

We experience the cooperation with the DENKweit team as very cooperative and productive. Through open and honest communication, a basis of trust is created, which makes it possible to work together very effectively at the different levels of work.
In addition to the resulting win-win situation, the cooperation is also really fun :-)”

Dirk Zinnaecker, Managing Director NeuroCheck

Industrielle Bildverarbeitung mit NeuroCheck – Willkommen