Know us better

We are a young company based in Halle (Saale), Germany, which we founded in 2018. DENKweit consists of the two German words DENK and weit and is not just a name, but a statement. We believe that everyone has creative potential. DENKweit is not just a company. DENKweit is us, the DENKer. As DENKer we support our customers in the areas of quality and data management with our B-TECH and state-of-the-art technologies. We are characterized by a stable compass of values and the will to master the challenges of our customers.

Thomas Burwig

Software Developer

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Amirhossein Divanpour

B. Sc.
Embedded Developer

Amirhossein is currently studying for his master's degree at Anhalt University. His preferred topics are design, implementation and debugging of software for embedded devices based on microprocessors and FPGA's, PCB design and signal processing.

Philipp Drebinger

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Daniel Hahn

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Sabrina Hampel

Assistant to the Managing Director & Graphic Design

Sabrina studied Evangelical Theology and business informatics in Halle, Berlin and Leipzig. Currently she is studiying technical editing at the University of Applied Science in Merseburg. Together with Nadine, she plans and designs instruction manuals for our products. She is also responsable for the bookkeeping.

Christoph Hauff

B. Sc.
Software Developer

Christoph studied informatics at Martin-Luther-Univerity in Halle. He has been working for more than ten years as a software developer and software architect. Together with Sascha, he is responsible for platform development.

Kai Kaufmann

Dr. rer. nat.

Kai studied Physics at Martin-Luther-University in Halle (Saale) and received his PhD in 2018. He has experience in photovoltaics for over 10 years. In DENKweit he is in charge of operations and evolving the DENKweit magnetic field analysis.

Georg Keller

Software Develper

Georg is currently studying for his bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics at Martin-Luther-University Halle. 

Sascha König

Lead Platform Development

Sascha studied business informatics in Halle. He brings with him 15 years of experience as an independent full-stack web developer and manages the development and operation of our software platform.

Nadine Lange

Print & Design

After completing her training as a graphic designer, Nadine is currently studying for her bachelor's degree in technical editing at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. She is responsible for the corporate design and external appearance of DENKweit in the print sector.

Dominik Lausch


Dominik Lausch studied physics in 2009 at the University of Leipzig and received his PhD in 2012. During the studies, he was with Q-Cells SE on various subjects. After the PhD he founded and lead a Team at Fraunhofer CSP dealing with plasma texturing, passivation and innovative tool development for PV. In 2018 he founded the DENKweit GmbH.

Chia-Mei Lin

M. Sc.
Key Account Manager

Chia-Mei studied photovoltaics and semiconductor technology at Freiberg University in Germany. She has 9 years of experience in the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries in Taiwan. Combining the customer service with technical expertise and language skills (Chinese, English and German), she will always be your right business partner.

Markus Patzold

M. Sc.

Markus studied physics and mathematics at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. During his master thesis he focused on machine learning/neural networks and its application to stochastic differential equations. In 2018 he founded DENKweit and is currently responsible for the development of new machine learning techniques.

Maik Rudolph

M. Eng.
Hardware Engineering Lead

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Bastian Schmidt

Software Developer

Bastian Schmidt studied in Halle for his Master of Science in Mathematics. Through his studies he is trained in dealing with complex problems on various mathematical and informatic topics. He supports DENKweit in the further development of DENKnetze for data analysis and anomaly detection.

Mawe Sprenger

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Hannes Starke

Web Design

Hannes studies technical editing at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. He has experience in the creation of graphics and layouts through commissioned work in the music field and his passion for drawing. He is responsible for the layout and content of the DENKweit homepage.