WHY DENKnetze?

Few pictures - highest performance

  • Few images for high performance (15 – 40)
  • Possible by own DENKweit technologies such as image generator, few-shot and fast-track learning

Self-employed in the DENKweit training centre

  • Own AI without programming and AI knowledge in 10 min
  • All processes happen automatically in the background
  • 24/7 – always available

Technological leader

  • Network Architecture Search: “Structure” of AI optimizes to meet your individual problem
  • Own and all technologies integrated from literature

Performant and Tested

  • 99.95% accuracy on 20,000 images (at 10% defect rate with 32 defect classes)
  • Used by leading companies

AI-based image analysis (Vision AI) for your production

Reliable quality assurance through visual inspection is an important part of your production or incoming goods control. Often this takes place manually, which involves unnecessary personnel and time. Especially due to international competition, these processes need to be digitalised. This saves costs, increases your profits and secures your future.

AI-supported visual quality control is a crucial building block and goes beyond the possibilities of machine image processing alone. We have focused on your challenges and are 100% committed to helping you as a manufacturer to improve your production. With our technologies, the know-how of your employees can be digitized quickly and independently. With our experienced partners, we also expand your production with the necessary hardware. Contact us!

Highly individualized image evaluation for your product and your customers

Europe is and remains the market leader for highly developed and highly specialized measurement systems based on high technical and scientific expertise. The reason for this is our will to offer our customers the best performance and of course our enthusiasm for technologies. That is what drives us as well. To do this, you need to focus on the essentials and the important. In our view, the evaluation of imaging methods is not one of them.

Use DENKweit’s advanced and high-performance solution for your product. We work with different device manufacturers. We help you get the most out of your products by providing you with partner-based access to our image analysis. In addition, our platform technology allows your customers to create their own evaluation in just a few minutes at any time. This opens up more revenue streamsfor you. Talk to us.

Become our partner – access to state-of-the-art technologies

We think and act in partnership! Our strategic goal is to work together with partners at eye level to offer our customers added value and thus increase our joint success. We focus on making our technology available to you as an enabler. Be it via APIs, direct access or even labelled with your brand. We maintain many strategic partnerships and are very happy with this approach.

We are open to any kind of partnership. Whether you’re an automation specialist or camera manufacturer, flying drones, or working as a service provider. Expand your business model! Please contact us. We guarantee that we will do everything we can to ensure that we succeed together. Only by sharing can you make more than the whole out of half.


100% technology. 100% transparency. No fake or embellished images or products. No Google-optimized websites or impossible promises. Performing products, honest opinions and direct, high-quality feedback. That’s DENKweit!

DENKweit brings together highly talented, technologically motivated employees who have set themselves the task of making complex technologies available to our customers in a simple structured and adapted manner. No sales. No administration. A stable compass of values and the will to master the challenges of our customers is what distinguishes us. You can expect us to solve your challenges together with you. Ask our partners and customers.

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