Automation technology is an important part of today's production and a unique selling point for Germany due to its high level of expertise in mechanical engineering. Today's systems must be quickly adaptable to changing production conditions, easy to operate and simple to monitor.

The rapid development in image processing and evaluation makes these points possible and is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the assembly and handling of products, automated quality control is one of the important issues. The latter is often performed by employees because there has been a lack of easy-to-use solutions.

As a technology leader in Deep Learning for image evaluation, we have made it our mission to provide an easy-to-understand no-code platform.

Vision AI for automation: More productivity, quality and efficiency.

Pick and Place

The requirements for material handling systems are increasing due to miniaturisation and/or the growing complexity of objects. The interaction between the robot and its environment is increasingly realised via images. Our solution translates the information on the image into the language of the robot. Reliability is a top priority for the robot's repetitive tasks. The added value for these production processes is significant.

Pick and Place
Surface Inspection

Surface Inspection

In surface inspection, efficiency and accuracy in particular can be improved through the use of AI-based image analysis. Defects on all surfaces (scratches, holes, bubbles, etc.) can be detected and analysed in real time. Fast and precise quality control in various industries, such as the electrical and automotive industries or food production. Rejects and complaint costs can be reduced immensely.

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