Raise your financial and technical advantages

Integrate B-TECH into your products or production lines Slim, flexible and with little effort. For this, we developed B-INTEGRATE. Optimized for using it around the clock.

  • Optimize your product and reduce your waste – your operator receives direct instructions for action.
  • Flexible integration into any production – any scanning surface possible
  • Meets all relevant production standards – optimized for round-the-clock use
  • Combined with our DENKnets – create your own evaluation using AI technologies without programming knowledge.
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Product advantages that convince:

  • Increase your customer satisfaction with highest product quality – generate new leads
  • Measurements are contactless and possible in a few seconds
  • Combined with our DENKnets – Create your own evaluation without experts and without programming knowledge
  • Your operator receives direct instructions for action

Product features:

  • Meets all major production standards – Optimised for round-the-clock operation
  • Evaluation based on the latest AI technologies – provides clear work instructions
  • Quantitative magnetic field imaging, area-resolved, contact-free and in real time
  • Automation via us or via your preferred automation specialist- you make decision!

Technical data

  • Magnetic field resolution: 0.3 μT (i.e. currents up to 5 mA)
  • Spatial resolution: 2.5 mm (x), μm range (y, z)
  • Individual sensor length, system sizes up to 1 m x 2 m
  • Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 8 A
  • 3-axis magnetic field sensor

Information at a glance as download

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CN Flyer B-LAB (Infoblatt_BINLINE_chinese)

EN Battery Presentation B-TECH

EN Solar Presentation B-TECH

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  • Broken cell connectors and cross connectors are easy to find in the module (in operation).
  • Example: Measurement of a solar cell
  • The right busbar is not connected to the cross connector

  • Measurement of a solar cell with microcrack
  • The crack is clearly visible
  • Above the crack no soldering points are visible
  • The crack has cut through the busbar

  • Measurement of a solar cell
  • In the measurement the individual solder points are visible
  • Some solder joints are missing
  • With the help of the measurement, it can also be assessed whether the soldering has taken place centrally on the solder pad.

  • Measurement of three cylindrical Li-Ion batteries during a charging process
  • The right battery shows an abnormality
  • The changed magnetic field indicates a locally changed current flow
  • MFI allows the detection of defects in accumulators

  • Measurement of a pouch cell during the charging process
  • MFI makes it possible for the first time to visualise the flow of electricity