Mobile measurement of direction and strength of electrical currents

Analyse electrical currents and magnetic abnormalities contactlessly by hand with DENKweit B-MOBILE. Use our versatile technology mobile and everywhere.

  • Mobile application for a versatile and flexible use
  • Fully automated applications such as cross-connection tests on solar modules
  • Includes access to our DENKwelt Internet platform and can be combined with our DENKnetz
  • Modern and flexible cost models available – contact us!
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Product advantages that convince:

  • Optimized for mobile use – long battery life and low weight
  • Can be combined with our DENKnetz – train independently without programming knowledge Image evaluation and object recognition with our DENKnetz
  • Fully automated evaluations of e.g. Interconnectors of solar modules

Product features:

  • Quantitative magnetic field imaging, area-resolved, contact-free and in real time
  • Access to the DENKwelt platform for data visualization and advanced analysis included
  • User-friendly interface, easy handling

Technical data:

  • Weight: 320 g
  • Spatial resolution: 2.5 mm (x), 0.5 mm (y, z)
  • Sensor length: 16 cm
  • Power supply: USB, internal battery
  • Radio standard used: Bluethooth
  • Compatible from Android version 6
  • Sensors when connected to cell phone: GPS
  • Magnetic field resolution: 0.3 μT
  • 3-axis magnetic field sensor of the B-TECH MOBILE series

Information at a glance as download:

EN Flyer B-LAB (Infoblatt_A4_B-JBOX_EN)

CN Flyer B-LAB (Infoblatt_JBOX_chinese)

EN Battery Presentation B-TECH (Download)

EN Solar Presentation B-TECH (Download)

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  • Broken cross and cell connectors can be reliably found in the module during operation.
  • Example: measurements of a solar cell.
  • The right busbar is not connected to the cross connector

  • Measurement of a solar cell with microcrack
  • The crack is clearly visible
  • Above the crack no soldering points are visible
  • The crack has cut through the busbar

  • Measurement of a cell
  • The solder points are visible in the data
  • Some solder joints are missing
  • With the help of the measurement it can be determined whether the solder point is in the middle of the solder pad.

  • Example: Comparison between a normal and an abnormal junction (short-circuited bypass diode)
  • The short circuit changes the current flow in the junction box and thus also the magnetic field.
  • Analysis of closed juction boxes during the operation of PV systems is possible.