We are DENKweit.

We are a young company based in Halle (Saale), Germany, which is founded in 2018.

DENKweit consists of the two German words DENK and weit and is not just a name, but a statement. We believe that everyone has creative potential in them.

DENKweit is not just a company. We are DENKweit, the DENKer. As DENKer, we support our customers in the areas of quality and data management with our B-TECH and other state-of-the-art technologies. A stable compass of values and the will to master the challenges of our customers is what distinguishes us.

These are our values.

  • Creative

    We find the ways where others only see obstacles. It’s individual and understandable for everyone.

  • Committed

    We take responsibilities, seek challenges and learn together from mistakes.

  • Partnership

    We treat each other responsibly – internally and externally. Only as a team can we achieve goals and share successes.

  • Effective

    We answer complex questions and create simple solutions that everyone can use.



Studied physics (University of Leipzig) – doctorate 2012.

Worked for Q-Cells SE as a student. After completing his doctorate, Dominik founded and led a team at Fraunhofer CSP for plasma texturing, passivation and the development of innovative tools for photovoltaics. In 2018, he founded DENKweit GmbH with Markus and Kai.



Studied physics (Martin Luther University in Halle (Saale)) – received his doctorate in 2018.

More than 10 years experience in photovoltaics. Through his solution-oriented work, Kai was able to enrich many projects. At DENKweit he is in charge of operations and focuses on the further developments of the DENKweit magnetic field analysis.



Studied mathematics and physics (Martin-Luther-University Halle (Saale))

During his Master’s thesis, he concentrated on machine learning and it´s applications to stochastic differential equations. He founded DENKweit in 2018 and is currently the technical director of DENKweit.


Management Back-Office & Assistant to the Management board

Information will follow.


Sales & Accounting

Studied photovoltaics and semiconductor technology (University of Freiberg) and chemistry (NTHU, Taiwan).

With over 11 years of experience in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, Chia-Mei masters the combination of customer service, technical development and sales. With her language skills (Chinese, English and German) she is the right contact person for the asian region.


Head of Business Development

Studied electrical engineering and information technology at the HTWK in Leipzig.

After completing his master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology at HTWK Leipzig, he started at DENKweit as a hardware developer in 2020. Since 2022, as Head of Business Development , Arvid has been responsible for initial contact with customers and the support of projects from value creation identification to the integration of DENKweit technologies. By expanding technical sales , he makes a decisive contribution to the development of the company .


Print & Design

Studied information design and media management at the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences.

The trained graphic designer is currently completing a master’s degree in information design and media management. She is responsible for the corporate design. She is responsible for the technical implementation of the corporate design and the visual marketing – in other words, everything that can be seen from DENKweit.


Platform Developer

Studied business informatics in Halle (Saale).

Sascha brings 15 years of experience as an independent full-stack web developer and leads the development and operation of our Vision AI Hub. In addition, Sascha takes care of other more complex IT solutions.


Leader of hardware development

Studied electrical engineering at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

At DENKweit he leads the hardware division.


Software Developer

Study of computer science (Martin-Luther-University Halle (Saale))

Georg is currently studying at the Martin Luther University in Halle (Saale) for his master’s degree in computer science. At DENKweit, Georg develops application software for the B-TECH magnetic field analysis.


Application Developer

Studied physics (Martin-Luther University Halle (Saale)).

Tino has been working at DENKweit since 2021 with responsibility for our B-TECH applications. This is how he manages the interface between our hardware and sales team. His extensive experience as a product owner is used in the hardware team and various areas of the company.


Hardware Developer
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering TU Dresden (Dipl.-Ing.)

Anton enriched the hardware team of DENKweit in 2022 and takes the design of housings and fixtures of our B-TECH products as his area of responsibility. In addition, Anton supports the hardware sector in additive manufacturing (3D printing) of fixtures and components.


Machine Learning Engineer

Studied Computer Engineering (University of Paderborn) in Halle.

Mawe takes care of innovations and further developments in the field of machine learning at DENKweit and is responsible for the operation of the DENKweit Vision AI .
Besides, he helps the platform development in frontend and backend.


Software Developer

Studied physics (Martin-Luther University Halle (Saale).

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