What is OCR?

With the help of OCR technology, it is possible to recognize information more reliably recognize information on products and objects and process it immediately.

  • Text
  • Special characters
  • Dates
  • Numbers
  • u.v.m.

In combination with machines and robots, our technology enables perfected automation processes.

For our customers, this means optimised use of resources, including time and cost savings, error reduction, barrier-free access and sustainability. Ultra-fast reading for efficient quality control, sorting and administrative work.

Datum Graustufen
Nummer Graustufen
Sonderzeigen Graustufen
Text Graustufen

All product markings can be processed, even those that are difficult to read:

shiny metallic
shiny metallic
arranged in a ring
arranged in a ring
blurred font
blurred font

Our strength: reliability in the
industrial sector.

This robustness is reflected in the fact that our technology is stable even when exposed to different light situations, dirt or even defective drawing material.

What is behind our reliable OCR?

The ability not only to recognize individual characters, but also to know the relationships between character sequences such as serial numbers or words and to take this knowledge into account during character recognition.

If a customer uses completely unknown characters or print types, DENKnet can be easily retrained. Our DENK VISION AI Hub is designed so that it can be operated without any programming knowledge. The addition of individual images ensures high-performance OCR even in unusual areas of application.

Super Micro Computer Logo

The technology leading Vision AI from DENKweit running at embedded systems of Supermicro.

As a Fraunhofer spin-off, we leverage pioneering technologies and leading tools to achieve exceptional performance in image analysis AI and non-invasive current measurement. Our AI-based image analysis automates work processes with unmatched speed and endurance, outperforming the human eye. Unlike pre-trained networks, our technologies allow for continuous optimization of your AI through an intuitive, code-free training environment.

We offer our Vision AI Hub platform for a multitude of applications, enabling a user-centered workflow tailored to your intelligent image analysis needs.

The best of both worlds: in partnership with Supermicro, a leader in high-performance server technologies, we combine their expertise with our Vision AI Hub to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions that enhance the efficiency and quality assurance of your IT infrastructure and production workflows.

For more information, visit the Supermicro website.

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