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We offer a wide range of flexible options for conveniently integrating DENKnet into your solutions. Background knowledge of AI-based technologies is not necessary.

Once integrated, you can use any solutions from us. For questions and problems, please contact us directly.

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You can find implementation examples on our GitHub page.

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DENKweit offers a wide variety of options to integrate our Vision AI solution into your existing technology stack. To start integrating, all you need is spare computer system or a rented cloud instance, ideally with powerful GPU.

There are multiple approaches to consider. Our team will be pleased to advise you in your search for the perfect solution.

  • With our browser based solution, training and inference works in the browser alone. Since this approach works without integration effort, it is ideal for getting started with the DENKweit products.
  • Our own Vision AI software DENK Analyzer runs inference on your local machine. This solution allows for live visual inspection of inference results and also offers connectivity options for your existing systems.
  • For cases, where more flexibility is needed, we offer our headless Vision AI inference engine, ready to be integrated into your existing solutions.
    • Inference Models can be run directly on your local machine.
    • If you have constraints keeping you from running inference on a local machine, we also offer a readymade Remote Inference Server. This allows for running the computing intensive inference in the cloud or your own compute clusters and using the results in your legacy systems.
  • We offer Vision AI inference plugins for third party solutions like Neurocheck or MVtec.

Steps for the integration

We can follow a basic three step workflow to find the best fitting integration solution. Our team will be happy to advise you.

Depending on how hardware demanding the trained inference solutions is (this depends on the number of classes and the image resolution) we choose the fitting hardware. Or we go the other way around and try to find a network with the best possible inference performance for your existing hardware.

choose your hardware
Intel/AMD x86/64 CPU
Windows or Linux
with or without GPU
your local computer system
your local computer system
or a cloud based machine

choose your integration solution

DENKweit Analyzer Software
Third Party Software with DENKweit Plugin
Denkweit Programming Interface
for local or remote inference
connect to your systems
Integration into your software or hardware ecosystem
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